This blog is for me to share my passion of pipes, pipe tobacco, pipe repair, cigars, and all things premium tobacco that I enjoy! I will be posting my latest refurbished pipes, what I’m smoking, tobacco reviews, pipe reviews, and premium tobacco news. I’m excited to be on this journey and I hope that you will enjoy and comment about your experiences as well.

A little background: I started smoking premium cigars in 2008. A friend talked me into trying one and explained the process of smoking one. I believe my first cigar was a Tatiana Groovy Blue (ironically, I can’t even bring myself to smoke that cigar anymore!). Shortly after that cigar, I tried a Drew Estate Dirt and I was HOOKED. I loved the sweetness, the relaxation, and the moments you take out of the day to enjoy it. I went on a kick where I would only smoke Drew Estate Dirts for a few months.

My friend and I ended up going to a local cigar bar and the owner convinced me to try a Rocky Patel 1999. I was finally swayed away from my single cigar! I am grateful that he convinced me to try something new. I then had a whole world opened up to me of new tastes, strengths, roll types, and styles. I dove in head-first and haven’t regretted it since! Now I can’t even smoke flavored cigars!

Before that I had purchased my first pipe in 2009. What a different experience! I was amazed at how much tobacco could fit in a pipe bowl… Just to realize that I had packed so much in it that I couldn’t even get a draw! HAHA! Certainly a learning curve. After much research, I started to get the hang of my pipe, how to pack, how to light, how to tamp, and how to keep it going well. Through my research I came across some wonderful blogs, forums, and FB groups. I made many friendships that still endure today. Many kind people helped me along my way. Some of the kindest most generous people are people who enjoy cigars and pipes!

After that, I ended up for working at that very cigar bar (starting in 2012) and their second location for 4 and a half years. It was a fantastic time of learning and growing. I was determined to learn everything I could about premium tobacco from a retailer and consumer view. While working at the cigar bar/shop, many people would come in and ask about replacement stems or pipe repair. We carried a small selection of pipes and pipe tobacco but nothing that really helped those people. So, I took it upon myself to learn! I bought an inexpensive Kaywoodie pipe on eBay (I think it was less than $10) and started working on it. Once again I found myself digging through pages and pages of pipe forums and asking endless questions on how to refurbish a pipe. I finished my Kaywoodie and went to a pipe shop and asked them to buff it for me because I didn’t have a buffer of my own. They did it without hesitation and for free (I bought some cigars as a thank you). I was immediately hooked on making something old, grimy, and abused, into something shiny, clean, and beautiful.

Over the past 4 years, I have continued to refurbish and fix vintage pipes. Some that I bought online, some that people bring to me to refurbish for them. I have honed my skills, learned new tactics, gained many new tools, and I still have so much to learn! At this moment in time, refurbishing pipes is my only income. I refurbish them and sell them on eBay.

That brings me back to why this blog is here. It’s for me to share my experiences in the premium tobacco world. The cigars I like, the cigars I don’t, the pipes I fixed, the pipe I’m smoking, whatever tickles my fancy! I hope you enjoy following my journey and perhaps find something useful for your own journey. Until next time, stay smokey!