CLE Corojo 11/18 Cigar Review


I have indulged previously in a couple of CLE cigars but this blend was a brand new one for me. It has been in my humidor for at least a few months. I forgot to put my label on it so I don’t know the exact time when I put this in my humidor. With all that being said, I was excited to get into this new-to-me blend!

Blend Profile
Wrapper: Corojo
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Country of Origin: Honduras
Vitola: 11/18 6×50

Appearance & Smell
The wrapper was much smoother than most cigars I have smoked. Not very many veins, only one really noticeable one. There was no toothiness to the wrapper by eyesight or to the touch. The wrapper has a very medium brown appearance. I really dig the gold and silver label they put on this one! The smell was very earthy and rich with a little bit of a creamy undertone.

Smoke Preparation
I used my favored Xikar Xi1 cutter to put a flat cut on the cap. Pre-light cold draw gave me the same earthiness that I picked up on the smell of the wrapper. I lit this cigar with my Xikar Enigma double torch.


Burn & Draw
WHOA! The rich earthiness can definitely be tasted immediately upon lighting. This cigar had a fantastic velvety smoke to it. Thick smoke that just rolls of the tongue. The first third presented a bit of spice that played nicely with some undertones of creaminess. The draw was great! Not too tight, not too loose, but the smoke time was amazing. It was an easy hour and a half smoke and I wasn’t trying to go slow. It started to burn slightly crooked but it corrected itself without a touch-up.


Strength & Body
This smoke is definitely a medium to full. It’s not overwhelming by any means, but that corojo wrapper packs a bit of a punch. I wouldn’t really categorize this as a complex smoke. It had very pleasant aromas and flavors but it didn’t change a great deal throughout the cigar.


Final Thoughts
I enjoyed this smoke! If you are into really earthy cigars with some creaminess and a tiny bit of spice, then this might be the cigar for you! If you tend to look for complexity or constantly changing flavors, you might want to skip this one. I personally tend to love corojo wrapped cigars, so for me, this is one I would pick up again. I enjoyed the rich earthiness with creaminess and spice! As you can tell, I smoked it right down to the nub and I enjoyed every bit of it!

Source: Purchased Locally
Brand Information: CLE Cigars


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