Nat Sherman Havana Ovals (Brown)


During my time in a retail cigar shop, there were quite a few people that came in and asked about Nat Sherman cigars. An even smaller portion would ask about the Nat Sherman cigarettes. I had heard of them, seen them advertised online or in a magazine, but I have never tried them until now!

While on a mini vacation to Gatlinburg this past weekend, I stopped into my favorite local shop, the Gatlin-Burlier. I have been in there quite a few times and make a point to pop in when I am passing through. I had never noticed that they carried the Nat Sherman cigarettes until this trip. For some reason they just caught my eye this time and I decided to take the plunge.

I left it up to my other half to pick which pack to go with. Thus, I ended up with the Havana Ovals (Brown). These are non-filtered and do actually have an oval shape to them. As the “brown” in the description suggests, these have a nice dark-brown color to them.

The aroma is pleasant, almost a “tea” type smell to them. The draw is smooth, definitely not too hard or too easy. The oval shape fits nicely between the lips for a relaxed fit while smoking. I really enjoyed the smoke from these. A hint of sweetness but also a steady richness throughout the whole smoke. I didn’t mind that they were non-filtered but I did end up with some small bits of tobacco in my mouth.

Final Thoughts
I liked them! I would consider buying them again in the future. They would only be for special occasions or if my circumstances dictate that I need short, quick smokes. These are a bit more expensive than regular cigarettes but you most certainly can tell the difference in the taste and the quality! If you like to change it up every now and then or find yourself curious about premium cigarettes, give them a try and let me know your thoughts!


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