La Aurora 107 Robusto Review

I remember smoking a La Aurora 107 about 5 years ago. I remember it was a sample and that I really liked it. It was so long ago that I no longer remembered anything about the flavor or the strength. Recently a friend hooked me up with this cigar and I couldn’t wait to get into it!

Blend Profile
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, Dominica
Blend note: The fillers are all aged for 6 years.

Appearance & Smell
This has a deliciously brown toothy wrapper without too many surface veins. The wrapper almost has a tinge of red to it. The smell is strong, definitely has some spice, little bit of cedar, and a whole lot of cocoa.

Smoke Preparation
Sticking with my recent routine, I used my Xikar Xi1 to flat cut the cap and my Xikar Enigma double torch to get it lit.


Burn & Draw
What’s not to love about a well-rolled cigar? This cigar burned like a champ. It had a slightly tougher draw than many cigars I have smoked but I didn’t mind it or think that it was too tight. I enjoyed having to pull a little harder rather than having a cigar with too easy of a pull that makes it burn too quickly. This cigar held it’s ash very nicely.


Strength & Body
I was impressed by the complexity of this cigar. The flavor transitions are their but they all meld nicely. The rich earthiness with cocoa and a little spice in the background kept me wanting more. It started off as a medium, by the time I was getting to the end it felt like more of a medium-plus.

Final Thoughts
If you want a powerhouse of a cigar that is necessarily just stuffed with nicotine strength but it has the flavor to make you want to grab it again, this would be a great smoke for you! I suspect that if I were to smoke one of these a day for five days, I would pick up more complexity and flavors everyday. The combination of using four tobaccos from different countries really made this a fun smoke. I believe they retail for around $7-$8 per cigar for the robust and is worth it.

Sourced: From a friend
Brand Information: La Aurora Cigars



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