Kaywoodie Super Grain #61 Refurb

I have the honor of fixing up a few pipes for a fellow smoker and friend. This Kaywoodie had a very unique shape and it caught me eye. I have seen a couple others like it but the grain is truly amazing on this one. Here are the “before” and “after” pictures of the goods!







This stem was oxidized but not nearly ask bad as other stems I have cleaned. The problem was that there was a fairly deep tooth dent in the bottom of the stem near the button. When the oxidation was removed, it showed that there was slight cracking in the stem at the deepest spot of the dent. So I wet sanded the oxidation off of the stem with 500 grit sandpaper. When all of the oxidation was removed, I used an activated charcoal mix to patch the dent/cracking. After two layers of patching, I was confident that it would come out even. I then wet sanded the patch with 500 grit. Once the patch was completely smooth to the stem I proceeded with wet sanding using 1000 grit followed by 1200 grit. I used pipe cleaners and high proof vodka to clean out the stem. To get the tenon shiny again I used steel wool to clean it up. The stem tended to turn too far into the shank, so I used my heat gun to heat it up and twist it back to its original position.

These bowls are always a challenge. The odd shape doesn’t really allow me to use a traditional reamer. I have a couple of knives that I use for pipes like these to remove the charcoal and layers inside the bowl. The inside then gets the dust cleaned out with q-tips and vodka. I then topped the bowl, removing nicks and burns from the top with sanding. The the top of the bowl gets re-stained to match. I cleaned the shank with high proof vodka, q-tips, and pipe cleaners.







Thanks for looking!

1 thought on “Kaywoodie Super Grain #61 Refurb

  1. I have this same pipe that I smoke daily..it was my father’s..but it has a brown stem on it..don’t know the age..would love to restore it..thank you.


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