McChrystal’s Aztec Snuff Review


I was lucky enough to receive a friendly bombing/gift from a friend on a FB group I am a part of. The package had a variety of snuffs for me to try out and to see what my snuff preferences would be. Well, first up is McChrystal’s Aztec!

I had heard of McChrystal’s but had not tried any of their snuffs up to this point. I had never heard of the Aztec blend until I received this sample. It has a lighter brown color to it. My friend sent the sample in a snack bag so I can also see that it is VERY fine.

Whoa boy! In the forefront is heavy chocolate but it’s a really nice cocoa. Something that I picked up that I don’t see in a lot of other reviews is a little bit of sweet spice. There is definitely chocolate but there is a bit of cinnamon in the background. Nicotine level was about a mild to medium.

All in all, I really liked this snuff! It’s not overly sweet even though the cocoa is heavy. If I could find this for a good price, I would definitely add some to my cellar!

Have you tried the McChrystal’s Aztec snuff? What were your thoughts?

Aztec 3