CAO Zocalo 6×60 Review (Pre-Release)


So this review is going to be a little different than some of my others because I am missing quite a bit of the information. The reason I am missing the information is because this cigar has not been released yet. I was told that they haven’t even started shipping yet! Let’s get into it!

Blend Profile
I have exactly zero blend information on this one so I am flying blind.
Vitola: 6×60

Appearance & Smell
This cigar had a nice rich, brown wrapper that has a nice toothy feel to it. There was also a fair amount of oil on the outside of the wrapper. The band is interesting, big, and bold. I look forward to hearing more about how the label came about. The smell is earthy and has some cocoa. There was also a faint hint of spice.

Smoke Preparation
I seem to be in a habit lately… I once again used my Xikar Xi1 to put a flat cut on the cap and my Xikar Enigma double torch to get it lit.


Burn & Draw
This cigar kept a very nice even burn throughout the whole smoke. I know it had to be a sample but it didn’t seem to need any extra rest to burn correctly. The draw was great for a 6×60.


Strength & Body
This cigar was in the medium to medium-plus in terms of strength for me. The body was there and it had a nice complexity of flavors that did change a little bit throughout the smoke. After the initial lighting I was picking up more of the spice that I had smelled. As the cigar went on, I got more of the cocoa and earthiness.

Final Thoughts
The truth is: I’m not a big CAO fan. I never really have been. I enjoyed the America and the Brazilia and that was about it. This cigar seemed to sway me to think a little more positively of CAO. I was impressed by the flavors and the great construction of the cigar. I have no information about the price point but I am really curious to find out how much these will retail for and which other vitolas they will roll out. Keep it on your radar and see what you think if/when they pop up at your local retail shop! Cheers!

Source: It’s a secret.
Brand Information: CAO Cigars